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  • Custom Banners

    Custom Banners

    Try Lone Star Banners & Flags for custom banners designed for your flag, banner and pennant display. We specialize in creative design for custom products and have a solid reputation for producing any size, shape, color or kind of banner or flag imaginable. We are experts in many methods, including screen printing, digital printing, hand painting and embroidery, fabric graphics and applique, just to name a few.

    Over the years our flag and banner masterpieces have included some that were many stories high and wide, and others that were small enough to sit comfortably beside a plate at high-profile fund raising dinners. From a dramatic billboard-size banner covering the side of a building to simple colorful flags lining the street, Lone Star treats each custom banner project as an opportunity to make your statement!

  • Flag Poles

    Flag Poles

    Choosing the flag pole that fits your needs at first glance may seem daunting. There are many decisions to make, such as color, wall thickness, base diameter, internal or external rope, and the list goes on. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you through all the decisions so you can purchase the best possible flag pole for your needs.

    • Continental Flag Poles

      Continental Flag Poles

      Continental flag poles, manufactured by Concord Industries, Inc. utilize an external rope system for a traditional method of raising and lowering flags. Standard fittings include a spun aluminum ball, a heavy cast aluminum revolving truck assemble with a single sheave, braided polypropylene halyard, snaphooks, cast aluminum cleat, spun aluminum collar and ground sleeve assembly. Many upgrades including double halyard systems, cast collars, heavy duty truck assemblies, cast aluminum combination Ball/Truck assemblies and cleat covers are available.

    • Estate Flag Poles

      Estate Flag Poles

      Estate flag poles, manufactured by Concord Industries, Inc. are manufactured to the same high standards and with the same shaft material and processes as the larger Continental line of architecturally designed flag poles. Estate flagpoles are gracefully tapered with scaled down proportions perfect for home, apartment or small businesses. Standard fittings include: a gold anodized, spun aluminum ball; a cast aluminum, single sheave stationary truck assembly; cast aluminum cleat; braided polypropylene halyard with snaphooks and a ground setting tube. Upgrades include spun or cast aluminum collars, stationary cast aluminum Ball/Truck assemblies, revolving truck assemblies, and more. Estate shafts are available in single or multiple sections to allow for economic shipping alternatives.

    • Independence Flag Poles

      Independence Flag Poles

      Independence flag poles, manufactured by Concord Industries, Inc. are a cable based internal system that provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. The heart of the system is a custom stainless steel gearless winch, first introduced by Concord Industries. The winch is mounted on a patented rotating platform for ease of maintenance and elimination of the winch handle hole in the side of the shaft. The winch is accessible only through the keyed, cast aluminum door with a handle access hole. A heavy cast door frame is precision welded inside the shaft opening for strength. The truck assembly rotates on heavy duty sealed bearings. The cable assemblies are constructed of stainless steel components. Upgrades for this model include cast aluminum Ball/Truck assemblies and cast collars.

    • Indoor Flag Sets

      Indoor Flag Sets

    • Mounted Flag Poles

    • Nautical Flag Poles

    • Patio Flag Poles

      Patio Flag Poles

      Patio flag poles, manufactured by Concord Industries, Inc. are a non tapered, lightweight external rope system. This inexpensive flag pole is a popular choice for the home or apartment landscape. The shaft sections are manufactured from strong 6063T5 seamless aluminum tubing to provide a long lasting, rust-free beautiful appearance. The swedged top of each section fits into the bottom of the section above it to provide a strong, water repellent joint and an attractive, straight assembly. The Patio flag pole can be proudly displayed year round or easily disassembled and stored. Standard fittings include a gold anodized, spun aluminum ball; a cast aluminum stationary single sheave truck assembly; braided nylon rope; nylon snaphooks; cast aluminum cleat and a heavy wall setting tube. Options include stationary Ball/Truck combination, revolving truck assemblies and spun collars.

    • Sentry Flag Poles

      Sentry Flag Poles

      Sentry flag poles, manufactured by Concord Industries, Inc. are a rope based internal system. This product replaces the winch and steel cable assemblies with a less expensive internal rope system using an internal cam action cleat inside a heavily reinforced door frame assembly. The frame is attached to the flag pole shaft with 10 stainless steel bolts. Options include cast Ball/Truck combinations, cast aluminum collars and revolving truck assemblies for shafts with a 5″ base diameter. All 6″ and 7″ base diameter models have a revolving truck as standard.

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    • 9/11 Commemorative

      9/11 Commemorative

      At Lone Star Banners and Flags, we strive to honor the victims of the 9/11 tragedy by offering the Flag of Honor, the Flag of Heroes, and the Honor & Remember Flag. These products are offered with the sincerest intentions to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. These flags were created to immortalize each individual victim, give comfort to the families affected by knowing that their loved ones will be forever honored and remembered, and to create an enduring symbol, recognized by the world, of the human sacrifice that occurred on that fateful day in 2001.

    • Boutique Flags

      Boutique Flags

      Our festive and colorful collection of boutique flags speak for themselves…for every holiday and occasion! These 3′ X 5′ flags are constructed from top quality fabrics and fitted with heavy duty canvas heading and brass grommets. All flags are made in the U.S.A. and may be used indoors or out.

    • Indoor Flag Sets

      Indoor Flag Sets

    • International Flags

      International Flags

    • Military Flags

      Military Flags

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      Texas Flags

    • U.S. Flags

      U.S. Flags

    • College & University

      College & University

    • Classroom Flags

      Classroom Flags

    • Professional Sports

      Professional Sports

    • Historical Flags

      Historical Flags

    • State & Territorial Flags

      State & Territorial Flags

      Flags of all 50 U.S. Flags

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