Texas State Flags and Custom Texas Flags

The Lone Star State

The Texas state flag had the Lone Star theme long before the final version was chosen in 1839.  During the Texas Revolution, several renditions of a Republic of Texas flag were sewn.  When the Republic of Texas became the 28th state in 1945, its national flag became the state flag.

The Texas state flag that we know today has been flying over the state of Texas since 1839 when the Republic of Texas was created.  The Lone Star theme, however, had been part of many earlier versions of flags representing Texan territory. The star represents to generations the Texan principle of solidarity, and has given rise to the coining of Texas as the Lone Star state.  The colors of the flag also have meaning: blue stands for loyalty, white for purity and red for bravery.

It is these Texan principles that Lone Star Banners and Flags is founded upon.  We are proud to be a leading provider of Texas state flags for our patriotic Texan clientele!