Which Flag Material is Right for Me?

There are many factors that weigh on your mind before purchasing a flag, but flag material is not usually one of them. Believe it or not, flag material is just as important as what is displayed on the flag. You shouldn’t go outdoors in the summer with a heavy jacket, and you shouldn’t wear shorts during the winter, so you shouldn’t purchase the wrong flag for the wrong purpose.

Lone Star Banners and Flags offers a wide variety of flag materials for various purposes. We offer expertly crafted nylon, polyester and cotton flags. As with anything, there are pros and cons to each flag material. Before you make your purchase decision, ask yourself, “Where will I be displaying this flag?”

Nylon Flag Pros:

Nylon is the most popular flag material, and it is also the most versatile. Nylon flags are usually shiny, thin, and provide bright colors for an attractive appearance. Our nylon flags are also specially treated to resist sun and they are fast drying. Because nylon is a lightweight material, these flags are able to fly in the slightest of a breeze. The nylon flag is very suitable for outdoor and indoor display. Nylon is a generally more budget friendly than other flag materials.

Nylon Flag Cons:

Nylon is a lightweight material that does not last as long as other flag materials. Nylon flags are intended to be flown in light to medium winds, so you need to be mindful of the environment you live in. Although nylon is the most versatile flag material, it is not the most durable.  Lone Star Banners and Flags recommends polyester if you are flying your flag in more extreme weather conditions.

Polyester Flag Pros:

Polyester is the most durable flag material that is best suited for outdoor use because of its excellent outdoor life span. Polyester possesses excellent wind resistance and it is the best material for those looking to fly flags in extreme weather conditions. While both nylon and polyester dry quickly, polyester has a better water wicking ability. Polyester also retains its color for a longer period of time.

Polyester Flag Cons:

While polyester flags display good color quality, their surface can appear more dull and it feels rougher to the touch – compared to that of a nylon flag. Since polyester is a bit heavier material than nylon, the flags tend to need a bit heavier breeze to fly. You may end up paying a little more for a polyester flag than nylon or cotton flags.

Cotton Flag Pros:

Cotton flags are a great choice for indoor presentations or ceremonial uses. Cotton is a very traditional material that displays very rich, vibrant colors. If you need a classic looking flag for indoor use, this is your best choice.

Cotton Flag Cons:

Cotton flags are not weather resistant, nor do they wick water effectively, so they are not meant for extended outdoor use. Cotton also wrinkles easily, which can require more maintenance than nylon or polyester. Cotton is generally more expensive than polyester and nylon flags.

This information is intended to help you make a more informed buying decision. As always contact us if you have any questions about which flag material is best suited for your intended use.